Social Media Day 2020


Wish you all a Happy Social Media Day again!! πŸ™‚

Digitization and Social Media are totally transforming the world that we are living in. For example, before the advent of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, people maintained private personal diaries that were zealously guarded. They recorded their daily experiences and thoughts in them, and would be immensely embarrassed if anyone came across their diaries and read them!

In contrast, nowadays most of us share so much and live fully public lives. We no longer feel embarrassed about revealing our intimate thoughts or daily activities to others, instead, we revel in doing so! We want more and more “likes” and that motivates us to share more and more. How are this increased sharing and disregard for privacy affecting us? What do you think?

One very important outcome of all this is that all of us now have online “Personal Brands”, whether we’re aware of the fact or not! Since our digital footprint (all our online activity) across the various platforms is open to public view – it becomes our default brand. This can have both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it’s imperative to assess and monitor our personal brand periodically.

According to research, first impressions are very powerful and also very difficult to change. Our personal brand is now equivalent to the “first impression” that any stranger or even an acquaintance can get about us, and it’s in our interest to ensure that it’s favorable and pleasing. So, please start monitoring your various social media profiles and think of what they might be conveying to others, and make sure that they are appropriate and exceptional. In addition, you need to check whether they truly represent your true self or are misleading. To know more about “Personal Branding”, do read my upcoming book. Have a Wonderful Day!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰


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